Amsterdam, Netherlands — August 8, 2019 —
On September 1 2019 The VR Room opens its doors in Amsterdam. After a successful location in Utrecht the first provider of Virtual Reality entertainment opens a brand new establishment in Amsterdam. The VR Room Amsterdam will be situated in Amsterdam Sloterdijk and have a square footage of 400 meters. Besides the Park Inn hotel and Holland Casino West, The Ven Amsterdam now offers a new form of Virtual Reality entertainment. The colourful all-in-one complex is the ultimate place to experience the most versatile form of VR entertainment.


People can relive a scene from The Matrix, visit the Colosseum in Rome and disarm a virtual bomb together, all of this was made possible by the introduction of VR entertainment. The technology lends itself for young and old what makes this the perfect outing for friends and families. The new establishment in the capital of the Netherlands combines everything that made The VR Room realise its rapid grow: a substantial offering of experiences, exclusive licenses, competitive VR Lasergaming, Assassin’s Creed VR Escape Rooms in collaboration with Ubisoft and Full Motion Racing Simulators.

Virtual Reality Lasergaming

Exclusively at (partners of) The VR Room you’re able to experience a completely new way of lasertag. VR Lasergaming enables three players to go head-to-head against another team of three as they are armed with a VR headset, a sturdy weapon and a special vest that lets players feel real impact when they get shot. In addition players can cover up behind a physical tower that’s a replica of the virtual model to amplify the interaction with the ‘real’ world.

VR Escape Rooms

In March 2018 The VR Room introduced their VR Escape Rooms in collaboration with Ubisoft. In the game players enter the universe of the world renowned Assassin’s Creed franchise, in which they get to choose between two adventures. Both offer amazing virtual worlds in which two to four players have to escape by solving puzzles that would be far too dangerous in real life.

The usage of Virtual Reality continues to rise and with that also the demand for quality. Our collaboration with Ubisoft and 3vs3 VR Lasergaming shows we continue to innovate. We want people to experience VR in a way that would be impossible in their own homes” -Wouter van den Bijgaart, owner of The VR Room

Race like never before

Visitors can also undergo Full Motion Racing, the most compelling race experience to date. The hydraulic simulators ensure realistic feedback making the driver feel all movements of the car, combined with the effects of wind its hard to distinguish virtual from reality.

The goal of The VR Room has always been to make Virtual Reality attainable for everyone, with this beautiful establishment I feel like we did just that, I look forward to sharing this with the public!” -Ivana Stavasius, location manager Amsterdam

Great location at walking distance of Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station

Located next to the freeway and in proximity of station Amsterdam Sloterdijk, The VR Room is very accessible by public transport or car and there is more than enough parking space. On September 1 you can experience the most versatile form of Virtual Reality at La Guardiaweg 53. You can place your reservations now on

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