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The most COVID proof VR Experience thanks to our UV-C Smart box!

The Netherlands allowed entertainment venues to finally open their doors again on June 1st. We are incredibly excited to be able to welcome you back to our virtual reality experiences in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Tilburg. But, just like everyone else, we too have taken certain measures against the COVID-19 virus. This to guarantee the optimal safety and health of our guests. 

UV Smart The VR Room

A corona-proof VR Experience
Disinfectant wipes containing chemicals aren’t as effective as you might think. To clean our headsets and other equipment as meticulously as possible, we have searched for different ways to disinfect.
This is where our ‘UV Smart’ box comes in. This box containing special UV-C radiation is used in hospitals throughout the country and cleans equipment such as stethoscopes and mouth masks safely and efficiently. Simply place the object in the box and the radiation will take care of the rest!

Powerful UV-C light
The highly powerful UV-C light inside the box turns dangerous COVID-19 bacteria into harmless microorganisms within seconds. By placing the headset and controllers into the box and leaving them for twenty-five seconds, the radiation renders the bacteria practically harmless. The effectiveness of the CE certified UV-C technology” (in the UV smart box) is backed up by scientific research, and its manufacturer has received the required ISO certifications. The amount of radiation guarantees 99.999% cleaner equipment within twenty-five seconds. And the best part? The radiation isn’t harmful to material or users. The headsets stay completely intact and undamaged. The boxes, produced specially for this corona pandemic by our partner UV Smart have been available since April.

Interested in buying or leasing a UV-C Smart Box?
Together with our partners, we offer the UV-C Smart box to businesses all over the world, also outside of the VR sector. Are you interested and do you want to know more?
Send us an e-mail on info@thevrroom.com and we will respond within 24 hours!